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Published cases (2016), ESSEC Business School

Ehona Printing: Developing customer portfolios on the Mid-Market segment

This case provides a step by step description of the Lead Management cycle or the development process to gain loyalty among new clients following a 7-step model proposed by BtoB marketing consultants "". This case was created using a real situation which occurred between 2009 and 2012: Ehona, a French subsidiary of a world leader specialed in professional paper printing faced widespread changes in its sector of activity, notably regarding the generalisation of colour printing, the merging of machines and photocopies, the multiplication of complex functions and their online use (such as scanners or remote administration), and the development of SAAS (Software As A Service). Hubert Nash, head of marketing recently named at this post thanks to his strong personal ambition, wishes to take advantage of market migration to improve Ehona's competitive capacityin this segment. Nevertheless, contrarily to the segments of major and key accounts, this market is subject to indirect distribution, something that renders it difficult, even impossible, to identify and understand client usages. In addition, this activity is managed by a team of twenty sales execs supervised by Anna Cruz, Director of Sales, and they agree on the fact that it is difficult to change the current custom of its commercial partners, used to working with transactional approaches and little disposed to open up to contractual approaches. Link to the article

FAUCHER, H. (2016). Ehona Printing: Developing customer portfolios on the Mid-Market segment. ESSEC Business School.

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