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Journal articles (1997), Organization Studies



The project of this special issue emerged from the following observa-tion. While an increasing number of organization scholars from aroundthe world have been struggling with issues of agency and structure sincethe 1970s, their works are still hardly perceived as contributionstowards a common endeavour. There are several reasons for this lackof collective visibility. Students of action and structure in organizationsdraw on different theoretical traditions, including post-modernism, fem-inism, discourse analysis, structuration theory and the mathematics ofchaos. They also propose different kinds of output, including epistemo-logical contributions, methodological prescriptions and empiricalworks. Moreover, they work in different countries and have few occa-sions to interact and develop the kinds of links that go along with theconstitution of a scientific community. Link to the article

BOUCHIKHI, H., KILDUFF, M. and WHITTINGTON, R. (1997). Editorial. Organization Studies.