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Journal articles (2023), Revue Internationale sur le Travail et la Société, 11 (1), pp. 27-44

Diversité et employabilité


The research principally focuses on the employability concept pertinence following to the definitions provided by diversity management politics and practices. We will try here to give definition to the term "employability", which is characterized by its strong political, social and economic stakes. Employability is a widely used flexible concept. Who are the employability actors? Do we target employability for every one? What is the share we provide for the employable persons? What are the tools we need to set up in order to sustain equity of chances and employ for those who are usually discriminated against? What are the organizational incentives and the conditions provided for everyone in the enterprise to take part into the respect of the diversity? "Employability" notion may be evaluated within the context of the profound and increasingly fast rate change in the new-world-order economic market. Considering today's recession, the average level of employability has decreased and one can wonder about the employment access and tenure for all the delicate and fragile populations of narrowly-recognized employability. Is it possible for the pro-diversity politics to maintain equity of chances and therefore a free-fromdifferences employability for every one? Link to the article

HOAIDHLLAOUI, M. and PERETTI, J.M. (2013). Diversité et employabilité. Revue Internationale sur le Travail et la Société, 11(1), pp. 27-44.

Keywords : #Employability, #Diversity, #Flexibility, #Employment-market, #Underprivileged-people