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Journal articles (2019), Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 18 (10), pp. 743-744

Demystifying industry–academia collaboration

Gersdorf Thomas, HE Vivianna , Schlesinger Ann, Koch Guido, Ehrismann Dominic, Widmer Hans, von Krogh Georg

The past decade has seen intensified research collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions. Although such partnerships are recognized as a source of innovation and a key pillar to advance science in drug discovery, they are replete with challenges. Despite much anecdotal evidence and debate, fact-based evidence on the nature of these challenges and how to manage them is scarce. Here, we present results from a systematic analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from the portfolio of academic collaborations at a major pharmaceutical company, Novartis, which illuminate the challenges associated with industry–academia collaborations. We also offer advice on how to make such collaborations more effective. Link to the article

GERSDORF, T., HE, V., SCHLESINGER, A., KOCH, G., EHRISMANN, D., WIDMER, H. and VON KROGH, G. (2019). Demystifying industry–academia collaboration. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 18(10), pp. 743-744.