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Journal articles (1999), L'Expansion Management Review, pp. 6-15

De la libre entreprise à la libre personne


What will the 21st century company look like? In this article, the authors examine the ongoing social changes that are forcing companies to rethink the way they operate. While, during the 20th century, companies had to deal with economic constraints, the demands of shareholders and the needs of their clients, they will now have to face independent and proactive employees who intend to fully participate in the management of their work environment. In order to make it into the new millennium successfully, businesses, have no choice but to adapt to the individual needs of their employees and to provide them with a customized work environment.

BOUCHIKHI, H. and KIMBERLY, J. (1999). De la libre entreprise à la libre personne. L'Expansion Management Review, pp. 6-15.