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Conference Proceedings (1992), Advanced Information Systems Engineering, Springer, pp. 507-523

Constraint Confrontation : An Important Step in View Integration

This paper addresses the problem of constraint integration in database design. The approach is inserted in an incremental database design methodology supported by the design environment KHEOPS. This view integration step using semantic unification is followed by the initial constraint confrontation. The detection phase is a deductive process in which the contradictions and redundancies between constraints are exhibited. The following conflict resolution depends on the strategy initially chosen by the designer. Four strategies are presented and discussed. An exemple of use is given to illustrate the application of those strategies. This approach could be enlarged in an object oriented context where schemata would have not only constraints but also methods to compare.

COMYN-WATTIAU, I. and BOUZEGHOUB, M. (1992). Constraint Confrontation : An Important Step in View Integration. In: Advanced Information Systems Engineering. Springer, pp. 507-523.