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Conference Proceedings (2016), International Marketing Trends Conference 2016, International Marketing Trends Conference

Comment gérer l’image-prix de votre point de vente ?


Overall price-image is an important criterion for patronizing a store. Consumers make that decision in accordance with several pricing policies: price levels, special offers and other consumers’ expectations, such as spending control. This research studies the overall price image about a generalist chain of stores and its dimensions. It highlights the heterogeneity of perceptions and the importance of taking into account individual determinants. Indeed, while price-image and its dimensions are directly influenced by price consciousness and customer loyalty, the research also shows that loyalty plays an important role in playing down the negative effect of customers’ price consciousness.

LAMBEY-CHECCHIN, C. and DESMET, P. (2016). Comment gérer l’image-prix de votre point de vente ? In: International Marketing Trends Conference 2016. International Marketing Trends Conference.

Keywords : #Distribution, #Image-prix, #Sensibilité-prix