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Press article, video or other popular media (2011), L'As Patrimonial (31), pp. 58-59

CIF une activité très encadrée (2e partie)


This article deals with the French status for financial advisors (named "conseiller en investissements financiers" ou CIF). This status has been redefined by the French authority ("'Autorité des marchés financiers" or AMF). It deals with the formalism of the customer relationship and the remuneration of independent financial advisors and wealth managers.

LONGIN, F. and ROUGEOT, L. (2011). CIF une activité très encadrée (2e partie). L'As Patrimonial, pp. 58-59.

Keywords : #AMF, #Autorité-des-marchés-financiers, #CIF, #Conseiller-en-investissements-financiers, #Relation-clients