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Working Papers (2010), ESSEC Business School

Catastrophic Health Expenditure and Household Well-Being


According to the catastrophic health expenditure methodology a household is in catastrophe if its health out-of-pocket budget share exceeds a critical threshold. We develop a conceptual framework for addressing three questions in relation to this methodology, namely: 1. Can a budget share be informative about the sign of a change in welfare? 2. Is there a positive association between a household’s poverty shortfall and its health out-of-pocket budget share? 3. Does an increase in coverage of a health insurance scheme always result in a reduction of the prevalence of catastrophic expenditures?

ABUL NAGA, R.H. and LAMIRAUD, K. (2010). Catastrophic Health Expenditure and Household Well-Being. ESSEC Business School.

Keywords : #Changement-de-bien, #être, #Dépenses-catastrophiques-de-santé, #Pauvreté, #Performance-des-systèmes-d'assurance-santé