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Journal articles (2021), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 49, pp. 418–436

Buyer-Supplier Relationship Dynamics: A Systematic Review


Marketing scholars have long acknowledged that buyer–supplier relationships (BSRs) evolve over time. Nevertheless, truly dynamic considerations tend to be confined to the “future research” sections of papers. Performing dynamic BSR research is difficult, not only because of the requirements of data collection and analysis, but also due to the somewhat fragmented understanding of the available studies on BSR dynamics and how an overarching understanding of their findings can refine static relationship models. We conduct a systematic literature review to organize the available research on BSR dynamics. The review process reveals four overarching themes: (1) relationship continuity, (2) relationship learning, (3) relationship stages and trajectories, and (4) relationship fluctuations. We discuss each theme, describe how the themes can be applied as a dynamic lens to research questions involving BSRs, and outline research directions that might stimulate further work on relationship dynamics. Link to the article

SHAMSOLLAHI, A., CHMIELEWSKI-RAIMONDO, D., BELL, S. and KACHOUIE, R. (2021). Buyer-Supplier Relationship Dynamics: A Systematic Review. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 49, pp. 418–436.

Keywords : #Relationship-dynamics,-Evolution,-Life-cycle,-Relationship-development,-Trajectories,-Buyer, #supplier-relationship