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Published cases (2005), ESSEC Business School

Buffer Biac Acidifiers: Competitive Product Positioning

FAUCHER Hubert , Doulle B.

Bio Indus features a European player in the bio industries producing top quality ingredients, among which, a range on acidifiers sold under the brand name ‘BiAc’. To move away from the commodity business, the company sets out to develop a new ‘specialty’ ingredient to replace a partly outdated product, named ‘Buffer BiAc’. Based on a real marketing situation, the case offers a unique opportunity to work on product competitive positioning. A complete scenario is provided, with quantitative data and other marketing information on the company, products and competitors. Link to the article

FAUCHER, H. and DOULLE, B. (2005). Buffer Biac Acidifiers: Competitive Product Positioning. ESSEC Business School.

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