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Journal articles (2017), Journal of Marketing Management, 1 (5), pp. 21-26

Brand and Design Effects on New Product Evaluation at the Concept Stage


Brand equity provides a high contribution to new product evaluation in consumption situations. The present study aims at measuring the brand contribution to the evaluation of a design concept at an early stage of the new product development process. The experimental design crosses four car concepts assessed on functional and hedonic dimensions, emotions and overall liking, and the brand of a generalist car maker. Results show that at this stage the direct effect of the brand hypothesized by the anchoring effect is moderated by typicality and weak compared to the design effect. In fact, the overall brand effect is mainly mediated by emotions. Furthermore, brand equity and design are working through different intermediate evaluations, functional for the brand and hedonic for the design. Finally results also emphasize that emotion is a key mediating variable between functional and hedonic evaluations and overall liking. Link to the article

HERBETH, N., DESSALLES, S. and DESMET, P. (2017). Brand and Design Effects on New Product Evaluation at the Concept Stage. Journal of Marketing Management, 1(5), pp. 21-26.

Keywords : #Product-design, #New-product, #Brand-equity, #Emotion, #Car, #Anchoring-effect, #Hedonic-evaluation.