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Journal articles (2012), Expert Systems with Applications, 39 (12), pp. 10420-10437

An MDA Approach to Knowledge Engineering

Although knowledge engineering is an established academic discipline, practitioners often regret a lack of methodological support for the development of rule-based systems. This paper provides methodological support for the mapping of knowledge models (defined with CommonKADS) into production rules (formalized with PRR). To this end, we use the Model-Driven Approach. We present and illustrate our approach, including the mapping transformations. Link to the article

PRAT, N., AKOKA, J. and WATTIAU, I. (2012). An MDA Approach to Knowledge Engineering. Expert Systems with Applications, 39(12), pp. 10420-10437.

Keywords : #CommonKADS, #Ingénierie-des-connaissances, #Ingénierie-dirigée-par-les-modèles, #Modèle-de-connaissances, #Production-Rule-Representation-(PRR), #Règle-de-production