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Journal articles (2010), Journal of General Management, 35 (3), pp. 25-40

A Model of Supplier Dissidence in Flexible Vertical Partnerships


In the age of outsourcing, flexibility becomes a watchword for competitiveness. OEMs operating in a build-to-order environment face considerable external fluctuations that they pass down their supply chains. Consequently, lower-tier suppliers who contribute to a manufacturer's efficiency and success face a difficult situation. This study explores the supplier's viewpoint. Its focus is on the premise that being highly flexible is not always in the supplier¿s interest: a supplier must know when to refuse certain relational demands imposed on him by all-powerful buyers and know when to become a dissident. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to propose a conceptual model identifying the sources of supplier dissidence with regard to customer's requirements for increased levels of flexibility. Link to the article

DONADA, C. and DOSTALER, I. (2010). A Model of Supplier Dissidence in Flexible Vertical Partnerships. Journal of General Management, 35(3), pp. 25-40.

Keywords : #Dépendance, #Dissidence, #Flexibilité, #Relations-clients, #fournisseurs