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Book chapters (2015), Cambridge Handbook of Strategy as Practice, Cambridge University Press, pp. 267-292

A Bourdieusian Perspective on Strategizing

The aim of this chapter is to show how Bourdieu’s praxeology contributes to a better understanding of strategizing as a practice. Bourdieu’s framework proposes a relational and dispositional view of social life, with the concepts of field, capital, and habitus. This framework can contribute to advancing strategy-as practice research by overcoming the dichotomies that shape but constrain research in strategy: the micro/macro alternative, the opposition between structure and agency, and the dilemma between rationality and emerging strategy. It broadens our view of strategy by enlarging the vision of strategizing as a practice performed by a large spectrum of agents who seriously engage in struggles to dominate the field, and by taking into consideration the role of academics in these struggles.

GOMEZ, M.L. (2015). A Bourdieusian Perspective on Strategizing. In: Cambridge Handbook of Strategy as Practice. 1st ed. Cambridge University Press, pp. 267-292.

Keywords : #Bourdieu, #Capital, #Champ, #Habitus, #Pratique, #Stratégie