Conference Proceedings

Design science research for the humanities – The case of prosopography

AKOKA Jacky, COMYN-WATTIAU Isabelle, PRAT Nicolas, DU MOUZA Cédric
Research in the humanities is in demand of innovative and useful IT artifacts. This makes design science research (DSR) relevant for the digital humanities, defined as the application of IT to research and teaching in the humanities. This also raises specific challenges to DSR researchers. This paper focuses on prosopography, a branch of the digital humanities that represents and interprets historical data, sourced from texts describing historical person’s life. The paper adapts and instantiates Hevner’s DSR framework to prosopography. Based on this adapted and instantiated DSR framework, it proposes two artifacts: requirements and a methodology for prosopography. The methodology is demonstrated on a prosopography scenario.
AKOKA, J., COMYN-WATTIAU, I., DU MOUZA, C. et PRAT, N. (2019). Design science research for the humanities – The case of prosopography. Dans: 14th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology (DESRIST 2019). Worcester, MA: Springer International Publishing, pp. 239-253.