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Business Intelligence. Un état de l’art

AKOKA Jacky, WATTIAU Isabelle
Business intelligence (BI) is a very dynamic field. During last years, many products appeared and numerous companies have decided to adopt BI techniques and tools. It is also a hot topic for researchers either in computer science or in information systems. Business Analytics is often used as a synonym of BI. This paper proposes a definition of business intelligence as a consensus of most definitions found in the literature. Then, we build a taxonomy of BI. This taxonomy allowed us to structure the state-of-the-art in BI which is the main contribution of this paper. It allows readers to understand all the components of BI and the research contributions associated to each component. It also allows researchers to detect open issues.
AKOKA, J. et WATTIAU, I. (2014). Business Intelligence. Un état de l’art. Ingenierie des Systemes D’Information, 19(5), pp. 9‑43.